Belong at Bromford


How we're making people feel at home at work.

Bromford know who they are and what they stand for.

But their people didn’t know what this meant to them.

Turning ‘what’ into ‘why’

When we met them, Bromford had just completed a thorough piece of work to identify the key characteristics of people within the business. Knowing this enabled everyone in the business to understand exactly what’s expected of them.

This is known as the ‘Bromford DNA’ and involves four key strands:

  • Be.Honest
  • Be.Brilliant
  • Be.Bold
  • Be.You.

Each strand outlines specific qualities and characteristics that people need to help Bromford succeed. But employer branding isn’t only about helping businesses perform. It’s about helping people thrive too. So, we set out to develop some attributes that would tell the other half of the story.

We built an attribute to complement each strand of DNA


  • You build trusting relationships based on openness, respect and integrity
  • You learn from mistakes and are open when things go wrong
  • You do what you say you will
  • You’re open to being challenged and challenging others

Because…we can learn from the truth

Life’s better when we all do what we say and say what we do. Working in an open and honest environment gives you the freedom to get on with your job without worrying about making mistakes or watching what you say. This gives you a great place to learn, grow and achieve. If something goes wrong, you can always ask for help. If you’ve got an idea, there’s always someone to listen. And if you need a little push, there’s always someone there to motivate you


  • You hold yourself and others responsible for getting results
  • You collaborate with others, working smarter not just harder
  • You see the best in people and believe we can all achieve more
  • You’re curious about learning new things

Because…you can thrive here

We give people the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves. Whether it’s by providing a safe and secure place to call home, or an inspiring and collaborative place to work. As part of our team, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and take on more responsibility. We’re ambitious about the future. Our people are too. We’re investing in development across all areas of the business, from leaders to apprentices. So, if you’ve got ambition, you’ll have a bright future with us.


  • You do the right thing for your customers and for colleagues
  • You look for new possibilities and challenge assumptions
  • You work with confidence, but remain humble
  • You empower others to make decisions

Because…people are counting on you

Almost every choice you make here has the power to change someone’s life for the better. This is a big opportunity to make a real difference, so don’t waste it playing it safe. We empower you to empower others by giving you the freedom to think for yourself, try new things and challenge convention. It’s not always easy. But pushing yourself to do more, go further and think differently will bring out the best in you – and the people we’re here to help.


  • You dare to be different – using life experience and personality
  • You embrace people’s differences to build a better community
  • You think big, celebrate success and are positive about what you do
  • You are energised, happy and productive

Because…relationships are built on personality

Every single one of our customers is unique. And so are you. Being able to express yourself at work helps you connect with people and perform better at your job. Life experience, interests and emotions are the bricks that build real relationships between customers and colleagues. Don’t leave these things at home: put them to work with us, and you’ll enjoy a successful and rewarding career.

Key attributes

Building upon their research and their DNA, we’ve arrived at the following attributes. These are the reasons why it’s important to be bold, be you, be honest and be brilliant.

  • People are counting on you
  • Relationships are built on personality
  • We can learn from the truth
  • You can thrive here

Combining their DNA with our attributes helped us express why Bromford is such a wonderful place to work.

Bromford Housing employer brand proposition

Everything we do comes from a desire to help people. It’s why we’re here. It’s why we provide over 43,000 homes. It’s why we genuinely care about over 100,000 individual customers. It’s why we’re building another 14,000 new homes. And it’s why we’re committed to reducing homelessness. We don’t just provide housing, we build communities, help people feel safe and give everyone the opportunity to make something of themselves. We genuinely make a difference.

This means that working with us gives you a rewarding career with real purpose. You can earn a great living helping to make the world a better place, one home at a time. We see the best in you. We help you fulfil your potential by giving you the freedom to think for yourself and take on responsibility in an environment that both challenges and supports you in equal measure. Keeping thousands of people safe, warm and happy is a big challenge, but the rewards are big too. You’ll learn new skills, work alongside a dedicated team and help people chase their dreams, while you chase yours.

We had all the ingredients for a compelling story. The next step was telling it.

Belong at Bromford

This simple proposition beautifully encapsulates what Bromford is all about – giving people a place to belong.

This expresses how Bromford makes everyone in their team feel at home in a community of friends and colleagues who genuinely care about one another.

And it also references the outcome of the positive work they do to give customers a place where they feel safe and supported to live their life to the full.

And it joined the dots from their DNA perfectly too:

  • Be.Honest
  • Be.Brilliant
  • Be.Bold
  • Be.You.
  • Belong at Bromford.

We built a campaign with people at the heart

Using real photography of their people doing great work sets the scene for inspiring messaging that both champions the great people who work at Bromford and encourages our audience to imagine being part of this community.

All our communications centre around a simple, engaging and versatile question and answer structure. We call out some great qualities and tell our audience that if they’re lucky enough to see these qualities in themselves, then they’ve found a place where they truly belong.

It’s a very clear and powerful way to deliver all kinds of messages.

Making an impact internally and externally

Since launch Belong at Bromford has been positively received at all levels of the business. It’s helped colleagues engage with and deliver the new business strategy. It’s also helped to unite their team and support each other during what have been very difficult times.

From an attraction perspective, our employer brand has joined up all their recruitment marketing messages. Not only does this allow them to deliver a more connected candidate experience, it also allows Bromford to tell a more compelling story about who they are. It’s still early days, but we look forward to seeing this impact continue to grow.