Creating consistency in a world of change


Developing a global employer brand for ConvaTec

For ConvaTec, the world was changing

When we started working with leading MedTech business ConvaTec, they were in the middle of massive change. Along with the rest of their industry, they were evolving to stay fit for the future. At the same time, they had ambitions of reaching millions more customers with their life-changing products and services. To achieve both, they were refocusing their business on a global scale.

We encountered a unique culture

The pressure to transform had created a distinctly dynamic, uncertain and ever-changing work environment. But it was energising and exhilarating too. Entrepreneurial people who are comfortable forging their own path could make a real impression here – embracing the freedom to drive change and make their mark, wherever in the world they worked.

And this was exactly who ConvaTec wanted to be speaking to.

So, what was the challenge?

ConvaTec needed to develop a global employer brand that grew and moved with them. This meant:

  • Supporting the evolution of a mindset as well as a business
  • Helping to free and encourage people to think bigger and act bolder
  • Harnessing and conveying the pride of their people
  • Truly understanding how ConvaTec’s people felt, all around the world – what they were proud of, what their frustrations were, and what they wanted for the future
  • Developing a reassuringly consistent voice, both inside and outside of the business.

We had to get a world of insight

ConvaTec were changing globally, so we had to gather insight from right across the business. This is never easy for a global business, but we found a way. For a start, we carried out:

  • Analysis of ConvaTec’s internal surveys and business reports
  • In-depth market review, and research into top 5 competitors
  • Interviews with 12 senior leaders across all regions
  • Focus groups in Deeside and Reading
  • Teleconference groups across Bridgewater, Singapore and Schaffhausen.

We looked further too, using innovation to bring people together.

Partnering with Meet & Engage, we delivered a seamless digital experience – connecting people from different countries and regions, and allowing them to share their experiences via online chat. We held these sessions across LATAM, US, APAC and EMEA, with additional ConvaTec-moderated sessions covering Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Belarus and Slovenia.

This approach allowed us to connect ConvaTec’s people on a global scale. It brought everyone into the process and helped us build a clear, worldwide picture. We identified regional differences and cultural nuances, along with a wonderfully shared sense of purpose and pride.

We developed some solid foundations

Taking our insight, we created the employer value proposition and supporting attributes around which the employer brand would be built. They captured everything that made ConvaTec such a unique, rewarding, ambitious and challenging place to work.

To make sure they resonated, we also weaved in messaging from ConvaTec’s new behavioural framework – ensuring there’d be a consistent journey from the offer we made people to the culture they’d experience when they joined.

Here are the attributes we developed:

  • Take pride in improving people’s lives
  • Make things happen
  • Explore and grow
  • Embrace the freedom to own it
  • Inspire, and be inspired

And above it all sat our EVP

Build the momentum

Every day, we touch and improve the lives of millions of people around the world. We’re proud of this. And we’re transforming, to help us reach millions more.

Our ambitions are changing everything – how we work, how we deliver for our customers, and where we go next as a business. It’s creating a uniquely dynamic, energising and challenging environment where new opportunities arise every day. It’s also giving us real momentum. You can feel it. Lean in, and you can drive it too.

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone here, and you’ll make a difference to our products, our business and our customers. Explore the opportunities to learn and progress, and you’ll build a varied, challenging career. Collaborate with your talented colleagues, and you’ll deliver work with huge impact and importance. The pace of our business, and the scale of our ambitions, will stretch you and bring with it new opportunities. And if you embrace the challenge, you may well discover hidden strengths.

We brought their culture to life

The next step was to develop a creative positioning based on the EVP. We came up with ‘Work that will move you’ – a message that suggested both dynamism and emotional connection. We used this to create an employer brand that showed the world what ConvaTec is all about.

Our messaging was deliberately challenging, because we wanted to be upfront about the culture that lay ahead.

We helped shape the bigger picture too

While we were working on the employer brand, ConvaTec were engaging with a people-strategy consultant as part of their wider transformation. And when the consultant asked us for some support, we were only too happy to help.

Rather than just handing over our research, we took a more collaborative approach. We took a brief, and then revisited our insight with ConvaTec’s people strategy in mind. The insights we provided, along with our EVP and attributes, fed directly into the creation of the new strategy. It was a real show of confidence in our work, and it ensured that everything was beautifully aligned in terms of the journey ConvaTec was on.

So, what’s changed?

As the employer brand has not been live that long, its true impact has yet to be seen. But the work we’ve done so far has undoubtedly put ConvaTec in a stronger position than they were. They have:

  • A people strategy everyone at ConvaTec can believe in, because it was shaped by the thoughts, hopes and feelings of their own people, all around the world.
  • A consistent and compelling identity in the recruitment marketplace, which will help them introduce their distinctive culture to the kind of get-up-and-go change makers they need to continue the transformation of their business.

ConvaTec employer brand 2