Creating a life changing campaign


Who are Frontline?

Frontline is a social work charity working to ensure that all children in England have a safe and stable home, and that their life chances are not limited by their social or family circumstances. They count on people with the right skills and characteristics to help them overcome challenges and change their lives for the better.

They wanted to build their brand awareness amongst students at some of the UK’s leading universities. They also wanted to reach and engage new audiences that hadn’t considered Frontline before, cutting through the noise of other organisations, and offering something unique and exciting.

Ultimately, they wanted to shout about their internships, brand manager roles and graduate programme, and share the incredible opportunities Frontline offers. We knew that grabbing students’ attention would be hard, but with our expertise in the market and our deep audience understanding, we were ready for the challenge.

Catching people’s eyes

We wanted to create something fun. Something that would catch eyes, engage our audience and tease people into finding out more. We all know the classic online quizzes, the ones you’d find in magazines and on Buzzfeed that predict what type of pasta you are, or who your perfect partner from a famous show is. But what if we could craft one that can identify if you have the skills to drive social change?

Breaking the stigma

The social work sector is often seen as a ‘female led’ industry, a stereotype which positions social work as not being masculine enough, preventing males from applying. We wanted to tackle the challenge head on, shifting perceptions and inspiring new audiences.

We created a custom-built landing page to host our quiz, but we didn’t reveal what the career was straight away. As students progressed through the quiz, each set of questions explored how a student would respond to a given situation, all answers were crafted to align to the skills and attributes that Frontline look for. The quiz ultimately showed how skills you wouldn’t think were linked to social work, were actually very important in the sector.

Once students completed the quiz and given their results detailing how they could use their skills to drive social change, they were shown the opportunities currently available at Frontline, where they were encouraged to click to find out more, as well as apply. We incentivised students to enter the quiz, helping to increase reach and drive engagement. And, with a £50 Uber Eats voucher up for grabs, how could they say no?

Reaching out

Our campaign was all about reaching new audiences. So we worked together with Frontline and their suppliers to activate a campaign which would have impact, using specialist graduate media and social media, to reach key audiences at target universities. Frontline’s Brand Managers also got on board and had some healthy competition amongst them, helping to promote the quiz to diverse audiences at their universities. By taking an integrated approach to activating the campaign, we were able to gain an impressive reach, and our engaging quiz received a brilliant response.


Our Frontline campaign was a huge success, and it all started with a clever quiz:

  • Over 2 million impression on social adverts
  • Over 490K tracked impressions from job boards
  • Over 3,000 quiz entries – an increase of over 230% on the previous year
  • And Frontline jumped 5 places from 37 to 32 in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers list!