How do you evoke emotion and intelligence with an employer brand?


Taking a brand unknown to desirable

Few things are as important in life

We always take great pride in our work. But some projects? Well, they go that much deeper. After all, it’s not every day you get to say you’re helping to improve and save lives. When Hologic, a technology company focused on selling essential diagnostic, surgical and medical imaging equipment for women’s health, came to us with challenges around their global employer brand, we knew we could make them better.

Hologic is going through acquisitions and huge growth, which brought confusion. Some employees felt they worked for Hologic, others for a variety of legacy companies. With double-digit growth firmly on the horizon and a big push into new regions, the business was clearly going on an exciting journey. We needed to make sure everyone was driving it in the same direction. To do that, we needed to help Hologic understand who they are now as a new collective, what makes them special, and how to leverage all that into a higher employer profile, more of the talent they need and a new, even more successful era.

And we dug deep

Every Hologic employee is unique in their own way, but they all share the same passion, purpose and pride. We wanted to use this unique spirit, and to amplify it. To shout from our rooftops, that Hologic people care – and they care deeply.

Hologic had already conducted research across the EMEAC region and had developed their core pillars. Our very first task was to take these core pillars, and to hold workshops to find out what Hologic people truly felt about them.

We were able to take their pillars and our findings from across the regions and uncover the unique Hologic spirit that everyone here embodies. Employees shared their stories of love and loss, of ambition and hope, and of resilience and innovation, to help us to build their iconic employer brand. And it all started with those three little words that everyone wants to hear…I am Hologic.

When you work at Hologic, you’ll share the certain knowledge that whatever your role, you’ll be a part of a collective mission to improve and save lives.

It was a simple, direct and memorable message that translates literally and emotionally across cultural and language barriers. But most of all, it spoke to people’s minds and hearts. It’s a badge of honour. It suggests individual strength and collective power. It’s about the pride people have in the role they perform, and the wider purpose they achieve together.

From here, their attributes were polished, and their employer brand was formed. The heart of any employer brand already exists – being lived and breathed by the people who make the organisation what it is. But now, we were able to identify it, articulate it in a fresh new way, and use it to form the cornerstone on which the future of Hologic would be built.

We wanted to give this message a face

But not just one. We wanted to show the people behind the message, and its uniqueness. And, to boost internal engagement with the newly created employer brand. So, we used the Hologic employees and ambassadors who were proud to share their face, story, and individual contribution to the wider business. Their work force is constantly changing and evolving, becoming more diverse with such an array of differing traits and strengths. And they were all united by their Hologic spirit.

It was very well received

‘I am Hologic’ was developed into a brand manifesto, to help their employees know how to use it correctly and consistently. Their social channels were updated with the new messaging and imagery, and it produced impressive results.

Within 4 months of launching:

  • Applications doubled
  • 1m views of their newly branded ads on social
  • 25%+ of Facebook viewers watched the ‘essence video’ to the end (that’s 6000+ times)
  • Significant improvement in engagement internally despite organisational change
  • Our approach to insight now rolled out across core locations to align the message globally
  • 44% increase in LinkedIn InMail response rate
  • 2 more acquisitions since launch of the employer brand – both have embraced the Hologic mindset
  • Employees now see themselves as a key part of Hologic – not any other brand

And the internal feedback has been amazing

This was a fantastic tool to keep connected to the business and people, through the stories/articles/updates. I have used these many times when seeing people on my travels and referring to their articles in the magazine to strike up conversations.”

Director Sales Enablement

You and your team have done such a wonderful job at bringing to life the spirit of our business whilst celebrating wins and bringing down silos. Applause to you all.”

Senior Director, Tech Support

Thank you for the opportunity for our teams to tell their stories.”

VP North Europe