Creating a content framework for success



Wait, PepsiCo make Doritos too?

Let’s play word association. You hear the name PepsiCo, and you picture a can of Pepsi. But PepsiCo is more than just Pepsi. It’s Doritos. Lays chips. Quaker Oats. And much more. Who knew? And, well, that’s the point.

Too few people were aware of PepsiCo’s products, culture or the full range of career opportunities available. Especially those applying to PepsiCo for a career. This was something that had to change.

PepsiCo had already worked with their European Centre of Excellence Employer Brand team to develop their key content pillars. But these were predominantly LinkedIn based and weren’t delivering the results they’d hoped for. So, our challenge was to create a strategy that would take their content to the next level.

Who? What? Where? And when?

We started by asking questions. Lots of them. We dug deep and used social metric tools to analyse how PepsiCo were performing against some of their biggest competitors. We wanted answers, so we also conducted an audit to look at what their content pillars were saying, where they were saying it, and how it was resonating with the market.

We found that the essence of the pillars was spot on, but where the content was being placed, wasn’t. LinkedIn alone, wasn’t always the right channel for everything. Especially the fun stuff that showcased the culture. We needed to explore other options. To create an employer brand content framework strategy that would achieve real stand-out for PepsiCo. That would attract attention, engage audiences and capture hearts and minds.

The right pillar for the right message

Armed with our knowledge and insight we created a clear content strategy. We also developed a a ‘best practise’ playbook for their resourcing team. This was a handy guide to show where to put what content, and the right way to share it.

We also focused on raising awareness of their content. We wanted it to be loud and proud. To get noticed and resonate with audiences. So, we promoted PepsiCo’s content through paid amplification. We made sure that it reached priority functions across Europe and that the right content was served to the right audiences.

We kept monitoring it too. Working out what content performed best where and tweaking, adapting and improving our content strategy accordingly. Increasing awareness, expanding reach and raising PepsiCo’s profile.

To date, we’ve helped PepsiCo to:

  • Reach over 200,000 candidates in the first month of activation
  • Reduce their cost per engagement by half
  • Double their click through rate
  • Double their video view and tripled their video completion rates on LinkedIn

It’s been an exciting and intriguing project. Next, we’re working with PepsiCo on their international graduate campaign and helping to build their social promotion plan. We’re also consulting with them on their content, phasing and messaging to make sure it engages and connects with the very best graduates applying.

PepsiCo Content