How do you inspire a passive audience to take action?


Finding future talent for Teach First

This was a lesson in awareness raising.

Teach First trains teachers and turns them into champions who address educational disadvantage. The difference they make is massive. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the talent pool in which they find their new graduate trainees.

To keep on doing their great work, Teach First had to attract and recruit hundreds of high-quality candidates. They needed to raise the profile within the graduate market too. So they came to us.

We needed to reach people

Before we could work out ‘how?’, we had to work out ‘who?’

We needed to reach people who were open to, but not particularly looking for, this kind of opportunity. So, who were these people? Where were they? What were their interests, ambitions and media habits?

We did some detailed research that mapped and segmented our audience, and it gave us all the answers we needed.

Then the hunt began

We knew there were candidates out there who would respond to Teach First’s vision, and the challenge on offer. We just had to tell them about it.

The first step was to make our media as visible as possible. We used strategically targeted channels to catch the right eyes, and took advantage of the full mix of digital, broadcast, print and social media.

We took a very measured approach

Measurement was vital. We monitored conversion rates, data capture and user behaviour to make sure that people we wanted saw the messages we wanted them to see. This often meant refining our programmatic campaign in real time. It wasn’t easy.

But our live reporting dashboard kept Teach First fully up to speed with everything.

Our message got through, loud and clear.

And the results were a different class

Our campaign was a huge success and in just three months we saw the benefits:

  • 95% total conversions delivered by campaign activity
  • Teach First moved from 4th to 3rd in the High Flier rankings
  • 3x increase in time spent on the Teach First website

SMRS’s approach, service levels and deliverables on our 2016 graduate campaign were fantastic. They provided a cross channel solution that was not only high impact but also incredibly innovative due to their programmatic activation and strategy. The Live Reporting tool and support provided throughout enabled absolute clarity around our ROI and conversions – and ultimately the activity greatly contributed not only to our recruitment targets but also our brand impact and recall within this cycle.”

Jo Denye, Manager, Attraction (Marketing) – Graduate Recruitment Division