Getting behind the bricks of the LEGO Group


Everyone knows LEGO, right?

Well, that depends. As a brand, they’re admired and loved all around the world. Their products are an essential part of childhood (and adulthood) for millions. But as an employer, they’re a bit of a mystery.

In fact, they’re a lot of mysteries. Candidates just don’t know how big the LEGO Group is. Or how far they reach. Or what kind of roles they recruit for. Or what their culture is actually like. This lack of understanding is hitting candidate quality, and making it hard to compete for talent in some markets.


…the LEGO Group has a wonderful story to tell. Their history is magical, their culture is unique, and their values are distinctive. They have 19,000 colleagues, regional hubs and retail stores all around the world. Opportunities there can, and frequently do, take people across the globe. And throughout the business there are passionate people with inspiring experiences to share. Like we said, it’s a wonderful story. The challenge was to tell it properly

First, we built up our understanding

We needed to get right under the skin of what it’s like to work for one of the world’s most iconic brands. So, from interviews with business leaders and talent teams worldwide to an eye-opening visit to their brand new HQ in Billund (the home of the brick) we immersed ourselves in the LEGO Group. We met their people, absorbed their culture and came to understand their challenges.

And, of course, we played with a lot of LEGO along the way.

Then we created our strategy

The next step was to analyse the LEGO Group’s media channel activity, online presence and resourcing plans. Armed with an understanding of what was and wasn’t working, we set about building a channel and content strategy that:

  • consolidated their channels, creating a centralised approach to save money and extend reach
  • invested in Glassdoor, to show candidates the business behind the bricks
  • made more of LinkedIn’s targeting and advertising, to reach passive as well as active candidates
  • included content campaigns for key areas like Customer Service, Design and Engineering.

And then we built our story

Although raising awareness was key, we wanted our content to do more than just inform. We wanted to excite, inspire, and introduce people into the culture and characters that make the LEGO Group so special.

We took everything we’d learnt, added in the LEGO Group’s key employer brand pillars, and came up with a full content strategy. And we did everything we could to put LEGO’s brilliant people at the heart of our work.

We’re giving LEGO a lot to play with

  • A bright and playful candidate pack that properly introduces people to the business they could be joining.
  • A series of Did you know? animations that shed light on the LEGO Group’s culture, business and working experience.
  • A ‘sizzle reel’ that captures the LEGO Group’s playful spirit on film.
  • Minifigure avatars for recruiters worldwide to use to promote their opportunities with character.
  • Employee-eye-tours of key hubs around the world.
  • Distinctive site infographics for their six key regional offices.
  • An ever-growing suite of videos and blogs where their fabulous colleagues are sharing what they love most about their jobs and the LEGO Group’s culture and values.

Our work’s really changing things – and we’ve only just begun

So far, so awesome. We’ve given the LEGO Group’s global talent team the tools they need to share their story with confidence. And the impact has been immediate. We’ve already:

  • seen 1m views of our ads
  • had over 10k visits to websites from social
  • driven 30,000 clicks through to critical roles
  • helped increase their Glassdoor rating to 4.1.

Perhaps most excitingly, we’ve started to build what’s shaping up to be a purposeful, characterful and authentic employer brand. There’s more exploring, more storytelling and more creativity ahead. And we couldn’t be more excited.