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Generating measurable change through strategic online marketing

Warwick Business School (WBS) was in its second year of running and promoting its Executive Leadership Diplomas, which were due to start throughout April and May 2020. They needed to raise awareness and drive applications across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In particular they were keen to target London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Zürich, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

We developed their advertising strategy in August 2019 using a mix of managed digital channels (programmatic, paid search and paid social) in order to effectively communicate with this international audience. We also built WBS’s presence across key business education titles, such as the Economist, Harvard Business Review and European Business Review.

We combined impactful content with an agile channel strategy

To help achieve the campaign objectives, we aligned our activity to our See-Think-Do-Care content framework, utilising a mix of channels and formats to support awareness raising, engagement and conversion generation throughout the cycle.

Paid social advertising played a key role within the campaign, running across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This element not only supported traffic driving and conversion generation, but also played an important part in supporting the over-arching strategic objective of establishing WBS as a thought leader in their key areas of research. To achieve this goal, we used a mix of thought leadership content produced by academics as part of the campaign, allowing us to generate strong engagement rates within our target audiences.

To complement this, we also invested in other digital channels, such as paid search and programmatic, all of which provided strong international reach. This digital-first approach also allowed us to flexibly move budgets around in order to support specific programmes and dial up or down geographic activity.

In addition to these managed digital channels, we also had always on presence across key business education titles, such as The Economist, Harvard Business Review and European Business Review, allowing us to appear in high quality and contextually relevant environments.

Here’s the measure of our success

Evidencing an international audience that was engaged, relevant and progressing through to the landing pages as a result of our campaign activity.

  • 44.8 million impressions
  • 105k clicks
  • 2,468 conversions
  • 645 MBA clicks to apply
  • 456 clicks to book an event

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