Delivering Yodel's employer brand


At SMRS we’re passionate about identifying exactly the right proposition and attributes needed to craft attractive, standout Employer Brands for our clients.

So, when long-term client Yodel approached us with the challenge of developing theirs, we knew we could deliver.

A boat-yodel of new recruits

With the initial briefing in May, it’s fair to say we had our work cut out for us.

As well as aligning to Yodel’s pre-existing corporate identity, differentiating them from their growing list of competitors, and appealing to both self-employed and employed people from all business areas (…phew) we were faced with the mammoth task of ensuring that the new employer brand was ready for their big September recruitment drive.

This meant being fully developed and rolled out – with accompanying toolkit assets – in time to recruit for an additional 2,500 roles!

Mailing it

We approached the task with our tried and trusted 6-step Employer Brand process.

Following a thorough briefing session with project leads and key stakeholders, we carried out some in-depth research and focus groups to really connect with the heart of the business.

The outcomes of this guided our attribute development for both employed and self-employed groups – tying this into the overarching proposition: ‘We Deliver Promises’

We then put Yodel’s people front and centre – carrying out photo and video shoots across the country to create lively new assets for the website and toolkit.

Driven to success

The outcome was, and continues to be, a resounding success.

The numbers show the huge impact an employer brand can have, helping us refine our targeting and attract higher quality, better suited candidates.

During peak we helped deliver:

  • 50,232 completed applications
  • 2,765 hires against a target of 2,500
  • A 25.65% reduction in cost per hire year on year
  • A 67% increase in the application to hire ratio
  • year on year

Unpacking the analytics

Something definitely clicked with our audience. Since the site launched on 13th September 2018 it’s already achieved:

  • 526,011 users
  • 951,860 sessions
  • 5,025,493 page views
  • 5.28 pages per session
  • 55,022 completed applications