Clearing the way through segmentation


By Tim Landucci

Clearing is noisy and getting quicker. And the volume is only getting louder. It’s a cacophony of blanket marketing messages bombarding everyone across the board – here, there and everywhere.

Think of our unique Clearing Segmentation tool as your amplifier

Marketing spend on Clearing activity is significant, and growing all the time. We can help you to apply that investment more efficiently, effectively and accurately. Put simply, our Clearing Segmentation tool and support can pinpoint and prioritise more of the right people, in the right places. And that includes highlighting market opportunities you’ve never even thought of.

Data drives us

It’s already at the heart of all we do for our clients, and it’s the catalyst for our powerful segmentation tool – developed for institutions to refocus marketing and recruitment efforts with the highest possible returns. Built on robust technology, deep sector insight and a wealth of relevant data, it can boost your marketing campaigns, conversions and truly targeted Clearing strategies that can cut through the noise.

Clearing applicants differ to those applying through the main UCAS cycle.The Clearing demographic is also changing each year and further distancing from main scheme students.

The media landscape has grown exponentially around clearing campaigns too, with huge budgets and resources spent on everything from big advertising campaigns, to generalist search terms and social media trends.

How segmentation can help you and your potential students

Better understanding and targeting your audience can deliver real benefits. Through our approach to segmentation, we’ve already enabled clients to achieve:

– 40% decrease in cost per acquisition

– 83% increase in click-through rates

Combining machine learning, data-driven analysis, thousands of data points and layer upon layer of insight, our Clearing Segmentation tool can help to build a rich picture of your marketing opportunities – and predict future behaviour based on past observations.

And for potential students the use of segmentation will reduce the confusion at Clearing. And stop you wasting time trying to convert the wrong students for you.