Death of the Cookie. What can you be doing now?


By John Burke

As you will all be aware, third-party cookies are going to be leaving us by the end of 2023, as Chrome follows other browsers with phasing out the widely used tracking technology. In this blog post, we will be covering what you can be doing right now to identify cookie-less technologies, what’s yet to be announced and our recommendations for the future.

Our first recommendation has been covered in a previous blog post, with GA4 being Google’s most wholesale revision of the platform since its inception. Critically, it does not rely on cookies, ensuring user privacy is at its core. This is one of Google’s early cookie-less technologies, as we await further updates regarding their Privacy Sandbox technology suite.

Connecting your first party data to authenticated, anonymous data clean rooms is going to become essential with the death of cookies. By gathering, organising, and utilising your data correctly, you will be able to:

  • Gain deeper insights into your users’ profiles
  • Further develop your comms strategy
  • Plug into your online targeting
  • Build more defined audience segments
  • Drive better results.


Although 2023 sounds like a long way away, we’d strongly recommend planning, testing, and integrating these alternative technologies now, rather than being reactive later down the line. This will minimise the impact to your business, with many technologies allowing for considerable improvement to what we’ve all been used to.