Defining a winning proposition for DWP Digital


By James Coyle

DWP Digital is part of the UK’s largest government department, affecting the lives of more than 20m people. It’s a big draw in the hotly contested digital and technology marketplace. But, our target audience didn’t know they could use the latest tech to deliver career-defining projects, as well as have real purpose to their work. Yet.

Discovering workplace perceptions

Through interviews, workshops, and surveys involving hundreds of people, we homed in on what attracted people here, and made them proud to stay. The answer was a sense of purpose – knowing they were putting their skills to good use in a way that couldn’t be matched elsewhere.

Delightful word play

Some external perceptions were that DWP Digital was slow and dull. We needed to change that, focus on our findings, and condense our insight into a strong proposition: Digital With Purpose. It expressed:

– What they do

– Why it’s a great place to work

– How everything they do has meaning

– That they’re different from the rest of the market

– The great impact they have on society

We packed a lot of punch into those three words. And even more so when you consider that every headline began with D, W and P. It created a consistent, instantly recognisable voice that works across all channels.

Dreamers. Winners. Pioneers.

To bring real authenticity and dispel misconceptions around who works in the public sector, we made their people into the heroes of the brand. It also helped showcase the diversity of the organisation – vital for any high profile government department.

Delivering. Working. Performing.

We worked closely with our client at every stage to deliver a brand and supporting comms that everyone at DWP Digital could get behind. It’s been a great project to work on, and a partnership approach that could work for you too. If you’d like to know more, read the full case study here.