Helping a down-to-earth construction company reach new heights


VolkerWessels UK are one of the country’s largest engineering and construction contractors. But even experts in construction need a little help on certain landmark build projects. In this case, an employer brand that would help position them as their sector’s employer of choice. They needed a way of differentiating themselves, heightening brand exposure and representing all nine of their business units under one umbrella brand.

Hard hats at the ready

Fittingly, we call our research stage ‘dig’. And dig we did. Leadership interviews, focus groups and other conversations led to some key themes emerging. These were entrepreneurial, family feel, grounded, ethical and non-hierarchical. They exposed the pillars the business is built on. But what do they actually feel like for people who work at VolkerWessels UK? How do they help to shape the personality of the organisation? From here, we built on these foundations to craft their can-do attributes: collaborative to the core, always authentic, naturally nurturing, distinctly dependable and open for originality. These helped shape a suite of headlines that strengthened visuals that combined genuine VolkerWessels UK people with the projects they contributed to.

Shaping the branding landscape

We also crafted a short film, to capture and communicate the essence of their new employer brand. It used drone footage to help us show what makes VolkerWessels UK special, became the focal point of the new careers site and helped to boost their social impact too. The essence film also complemented employee bio videos, to bring people’s stories to life. We produced a flexible toolkit of assets too, for our client to have at hand and use with ease. Each piece is designed to increase brand awareness, and help recruit and retain the best possible people for a career at VolkerWessels UK.