How to create award-winning work


By Samantha Anderson

It’s officially award season, and we’re proud to say the hard work we’ve done with our clients is paying off. So far we’ve won five awards for our with the LEGO Group, Balfour Beatty, Unlocked and DWP Digital. Throughout the past 15 years we have worked hard to help organisations change for the better. Whether it’s been by refining their messaging or creating a whole new brand, we’ve helped our clients grow every week.

So, what does it take to create award-winning work? And how do you get it right, every time? Our teams work hard to make sure every project is successful and answers every question and challenge we’re faced with. we thought we’d share some of their knowledge, with a few tips about creating work that brings home the gold.

Customers (and their customers) are always king
No, we don’t mean in the hospitality service kind of way – we mean that they should always be at the centre of your project. When you’re answering a tough challenge, always think what would benefit your clients and their end-users the most, and how to appeal to their best interests.

If you can’t back it up, don’t create it
Making sure our campaigns are built on solid foundations is important to us. That’s why we make sure that each project has data and research at its heart. Yes, data may not sound that creative. But it gives us the springboard we need to take big creative leaps with real confidence. Talking of which…

Be brave
We don’t mean reckless or edgy for the sake of it. We mean shaping a story you really believe in, and then committing to bringing it to life with character and confidence. If this means pushing your brand a bit, or saying something no-one else is, that’s fine. Timid work rarely ends up winning awards or, more importantly, getting results.

It may be new, but is it worth it?
Nowadays, there are thousands of campaigns hitting every channel. So, how do you stand out? Is it by using the new shiny tool? Or crafting your campaign to use only the platforms that are relevant to your plan? We think it’s the latter. Look at the innovative solutions, and choose them not because they’re shiny and new, but because they’ll add value to your project.

You can’t do the same thing each time, and expect different results
The old saying is true. So why let your projects imitate each other? With each new brief, we work hard to uncover a distinctive message and then find the right solution to the challenge. No two answers are the same, and that’s why we love what we do.

So these are our top tips. If you’d like to create some incredible and award winning work, get in touch with us.