Keeping the energy flowing


By Jayne Hughes

Cadent was founded in 2017, when the National Grid sold off its gas distribution arm, and a brand-new and stand-alone business was born. With new values, a new vision and new performance targets to meet, the business felt fresh and new – yet their purpose ‘to keep the energy flowing’ stayed pretty much the same.

It was every businesses’ dream, a fresh name and identity, supported by a strong and successful history. Cadent’s new vision was dynamic, commercially focused and centred on the customer. Their workforce was the powerhouse behind creating this change and bringing the new vision to life.

So we worked closely with them right from the launch of the Cadent brand to build an employer brand and proposition that echoed the values clearly and put the Cadent purpose right at the heart with an overarching message of ‘Careers that power lives’.

But their heritage workforce was struggling with this

70% of their field base workforce were cynical about the new brand, and quite frankly, didn’t care. They needed to understand what this meant for them, their careers and the part they played in this newly branded business.

The workforce ultimately needed to care and identify with the new face of Cadent, as well as live the values effortlessly. This was their legacy too, so it was important for them to all be a part of it.

So, we made our story move

We knew we had to create a solid brand implementation strategy that would engage and educate the workforce on the changes, and show how each and every one of them made an important contribution that was recognised and valued. So, we used our understanding of our audience to put their needs right at the heart of our approach.

Not everyone responds to text. Not everyone will read a story. And, with a vast population of colleagues, the majority of whom were field-based, we needed to make sure that everyone heard what we had to say and felt engaged in the Cadent journey. So, we created a short, simplified animation to bring the story of Cadent’s past, present and future to life in a way that was accessible to all, no matter where they were or what device they used.

With a strong strategic plan in place, we were able to begin to win hearts and minds and get the workforce excited for the new brand. But it didn’t stop there. We knew we had to engage everyone at all levels to live this brand, and we did exactly that. From strategy sessions with Leadership teams to workshops with the recruitment team, we worked with all of Cadent’s employees, to make sure they felt the brand in their hearts.

The long haul

We know that embedding an employer brand and supporting cultural change within an organisation takes time. That’s why we stick around long after the brand creation to support our clients and partner with them as this gradual transition takes place. To help deliver on the practical things, ease any teething problems and identify any other areas where we can offer our support. It’s what makes us different. And we believe, it’s why our clients like working with us.