Meet the chatbot taking drivers on a journey


By James Coyle

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Einstein said that, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was one of the team behind our new website for Yodel – a careers portal that’s enjoyed more than 11.5 million page views, seen almost 1.5 million users and driven almost 2.5 million sessions in just two years. Not to mention a 44.76% drop in bounce rate and a 38% increase in candidates clicking that all-important ‘Apply’ button.

Let’s quickly set the scene

Yodel need to recruit upwards of 6,000 people every year. Some customer facing. Some operational. Some in back office roles. And, with some employed and others self-employed, we needed to tread carefully around the distinction too – particularly for drivers. The hub for this drive for drivers (and beyond) was a new careers site that would have an outwardly elegant simplicity, and complex internal workings that would meet the needs of every single user behind the scenes.

Like Yodel drivers, we had to find the best journey

Mapping was a must. Only here, we mapped out and analysed the many, many user journeys and routes to application taken by people looking for one of many, many different roles.

The existing confusing user journeys, mixed messages and weighty detail were out. A focus on mobile, simplicity and clarity were in. Design, copy, bespoke photography and videos all played a big part, but so did something else. Or someone, we should say. In stepped our chatbot. It could help potential candidates to get to grips with the differences between employed vs. self-employed opportunities, search and share results in a visitor’s post code, and even screen applications. It increased candidates’ understanding – whilst taking the pressure off the Yodel resourcing team and saving them countless hours in applicant screening time. We’ve more of that on our blog here.

Personalised doesn’t have to mean personal

Yodel’s chatbot proved that. It might be a cold, hard piece of tech, but in the first week alone, it screened more than 1,000 candidates, provided tailored results and information to people, and racked up an impressive 97% positive user experience rating. Another great thing is that it’s being used at all times of the day too, meaning that Yodel can offer the bespoke experience that people want, when they want it.

For the full details, check out our case study here. Or for a chat (with a real person) about how we could help solve your challenges, get in touch.