Aimee Kleinman, Education Marketing Consultant

Aimee has more than 10 years’ experience in marketing, communications and student recruitment gained at a range of UK universities. She loves solving problems and helping to make a difference as a result. She also enjoys a spot of strategic analysis, bringing everything together, breaking it apart, tipping out the drawer and putting everything back in again.

This is evidenced by her collaboration with clients such as Oxford Brookes, for whom Aimee delivered strategic diagnostic sessions and performed national research to understand the UK PG student market. She then identified and mapped market segments and helped the university to understand what share of the market they currently had, and who (and how best) to target for growth.

Aimee also supported the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust with a complex, multi-stakeholder brand development project for their digital academy. This resulted in a sensitive and appropriate outcome that shared a bit of their soul with the world.

Aimee always asks the difficult questions necessary to gain a true understanding of a challenge and agree achievable goals. Tenacious and collaborative she loves seeing the results of her work make a significant difference to clients.

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