Ed Layt, Head of Consultancy

Ed has over 16 years’ experience in leadership and consultancy roles. He’s led marketing and recruitment functions at a large public-sector institution and has provided consulting services to over 70 organisations across the UK and Europe.

He loves getting to the nub of a problem and helping his clients be creative in solution development. He often blends established approaches with new data and insight-driven techniques in a methodical approach to problem solving, as evidenced by his development of Oxford Brookes customer experience strategy and the many strategic ‘wins’ he achieved for BCU.

Ed drives organisational change by embedding collaborative approaches to strategy development, adopting customer-centric attitudes, implementing sophisticated targeting approaches and delivering efficiency and performance programmes. His success is demonstrated by projects such as the institutional rebrand of Solent University.

He has won awards for web development, digital and social campaigns, use of innovation and creativity and a CRM peer excellence award. Ed has had a number of articles published and often talks at conferences. He is also a Faculty member at the annual CASE Marketing Institute.

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