Golnaz Sadoughi, Data Scientist Lead

Golnaz has a BA and an MA in Physics, a PHD in nanoscience and technology and seven years’ experience as research scientist and data scientist. It’s fair to say she’s more than earned her research and innovation stripes.

Golnaz loves exploring. She enjoys interrogating businesses, the industry and the market to find where and how she can use data science to improve or fix things. From driving meaningful change through the development of a prediction model for ad conversions which helps education clients to plan campaigns in a more optimised way. To performing segmentation analysis of university applicants with the highest chance of enrolment, enabling marketing spend to be more targeted and effective.

Golnaz analyses past data, to identify patterns and trends that will help predict the future. And she extracts insights from data and transforms it into data-driven, actionable solutions. She is currently exploring the power of culture and connections through Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), expertly analysing teams and people, to create statistical and graphical models to improve their future collaboration.

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