John Burke, Digital Insight

With almost ten years’ experience gained within the sector, John has a wealth of expertise and a deep-rooted knowledge base covering everything from Digital Operations to Innovation and Insight.

He thrives on problem solving. The thrill of finding that elusive answer. The buzz of the eureka moment. And, is constantly learning new things along the way that will help clients find the solutions or improvements they need in their day to day systems.

John has spearheaded an attribution modelling project that revolutionised our strategy for reporting on campaign success and has since been successfully implemented across the agency. He has led a web user journey project for BCU, which resulted in large increases in Open Day Registrations and user retention and he also implemented the functionality of Deloitte’s applicant tracking dashboards.

John is passionate about tech solutions and loves building things that really allow clients to analyse their performance and identify what they can do to improve it. He believes in working collaboratively and taking the time to understand what matters most, rather than focusing on smaller, less essential performance measures.

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