Putting a face to the name. Bringing Hologic's story to life


Few things are as important in life as saving and improving lives. This is what Hologic is all about. Their employees are united behind a collective mission to improve and save lives. So, when they first spoke to us, we jumped at the chance of helping them recruit more employees and save more lives with an exciting new employer brand.

They’re going through acquisitions and huge growth, which brought confusion. Some employees felt they worked for Hologic, others for a variety of legacy companies. With double-digit growth firmly on the horizon and a big push into new regions, the business was clearly going on an exciting journey. We needed to make sure everyone was driving it in the same direction. To do that, we needed to help Hologic understand who they are now as a new collective, what makes them special, and how to leverage all that into a higher employer profile, more of the talent they need and a new, even more successful era.

We got to know their employees, we listened to their stories and we discovered a unique Hologic spirit. We could see that although every employee is unique, they’re all united by the same passion, purpose and pride. Their stories of love and loss, of ambition and hope, and of resilience and innovation, touched our hearts and inspired us to build an iconic employer brand. And it all started with a phrase.

I am Hologic.

This simple, direct and memorable message translates literally and emotionally across cultural and language barriers. It speaks to hearts and minds and acts as a badge of honour to everyone at Hologic. It suggests individual strength and collective power. It’s about the pride employees have in the role they perform, and the wider purpose they achieve together.

Such a powerful message needs a powerful visual. And that’s exactly what we delivered. The first step was inviting Hologic’s incredible employees to come and share their stories, their personalities (and their faces) with us. We then combined pieces of each photograph to create a bold, diverse face that represented the array of different traits, strengths and characters that make the business as special as it is.

The results created lots of smiling faces too

The launch of the employer brand was very well received. The I am Hologic message was developed into a brand manifesto, to help their employees know how to use it correctly and consistently.

After updating the social channels with new messaging and imagery, we’ve seen some vey impressive results.

– Applications have doubled

– 1m views of their newly branded ads on social

– 25%+ of Facebook viewers watched their ‘essence video’ to the end (that’s 6000+ times)

– Internal engagement has improved significantly

– Our approach to insight has been rolled out across core locations to help globally align our message

– 44% increase in LinkedIn InMail response rate

– There have been two more acquisitions since launch of the employer brand and both businesses have fully embraced the Hologic mindset

– Employees now see themselves as a key part of Hologic