Technology: forever evolving


By Daisy Culbert

Technology is helping develop the way we engage with our audiences. It is helping us to inform decisions such as finding our clients the best candidates for their institutions and discovering the perfect university for prospective students within the youth and education sector.

In order to find these ideal candidates, we need to keep our content suitable yet exciting. Gen-Z is the target audience, an audience that not only grew up with social media, but are becoming the masters of social content every day. We have to keep up with these trends and be ahead of the game to offer the best solutions for our clients for this specific audience. In Instagram’s recent press release it was apparent that they are at the forefront of change, with a shift towards IGTV becoming the new content norm. Instagram is making the switch in the upcoming months to keep up with other social channels allowing information to be shared thick and fast.

The move to more video orientated content is not quite here yet. The carousel format has been confirmed as the best way for universities to target potential students currently.

It makes sense that with Instagram’s user demographic being between 18-24 on average, that no matter what the content, Instagram is a winning platform to target potential students with video-focused content.

So, what does that look like?

This could come in the form of user generated videos, which is another well used media. A cleverly executed IGTV went viral showing the emotions of students receiving acceptance letters into their chosen university. The video bears suspense with the lead up to opening their letters, and the pure raw emotion of joy and relief when they are accepted into the University they were hoping for, great marketing and exceptional user generated content. These examples could be a helpful idea for clients new to user generated and content creation, in general.

There is clear evidence that Instagram is the social channel to follow, with Facebook engagements down by 20% this year. So, what does that mean for the future?

In a world where time is more precious and valuable than anything else, it makes sense for video to be moving to the forefront of content. After all, it’s allowing a clear and bespoke message to be shared quickly all with a creative flare. We are advancing with the times and growing our teams to ensure we can get the content that has the highest engagement and impressions, for the best results for our clients.