The Online Distance Learning series – promotion


Welcome to the next instalment in our Online Distance Learning (ODL) blogs, where we’ll be looking into each part of our recent national research project. This research provides a comprehensive overview of ODL in the UK and the findings (from our panel of 3,500) highlight key areas of focus across the entirety of the student journey. Our original blog and link to white paper can be found here.

In this blog series, we’ll cover what we found and what this information means. From our national report, we mapped our research against the 7Ps of the marketing mix and each of our blogs in this series will focus on one of the Ps.

Here we’ll be focusing on Promotion. Gaining the right reach and visibility can be achieved in a multitude of ways. From physical or virtual events, direct mail, online campaign activity and organic content the options are endless. But 2020 changed everything and meant universities around the UK had to move very quickly to become digital first. And it’s showing in the data, with online learners using Search to find their courses as opposed to comparison sites or other third-party services.

When the first lockdown was announced, the number of searches for online learning increased, dramatically. In an uncertain time, people were reaching for education and stability. As the initial lockdown ended the volume of applicants decreased from the peak in April, but the number of searches still remains higher than previous years.

Finding information about online learning may be easy but making sure that you stand out from competitors is crucial. Online learning providers need to express their differentiating factors and share them with the world.

So what will you share with the world, and how will you say it?

This is a just brief snapshot of the comprehensive insight you’ll get from the rest of this series, as our report takes a thorough look at each of the 7Ps and dissects them. If you’d like to learn more about our ODL report, you can download the white paper here.