Using data to drive recruitment


Delivering a slick, efficient and people-centered candidate experience has never been more important. As natural explorers, we’re always finding new and innovative ways to help our clients do just that. So when one of our clients came to us and asked us to help their recruiters better manage their ever-increasing workloads, we didn’t just adapt an existing solution – we engineered something better.

Richer data equals better decisions

We’ve developed a role-scoring model that incorporated a huge range of data points, providing key information on:

  • The market – how many organisations are hiring for the role and how competitive the climate is
  • The organisation – existing perceptions for this role, how many people already do the role and how long hiring for this role typically takes
  • The recruiter – who has the best track record for this role and who’s an expert in this area
  • The role – demand for the role, supply of candidates and salary benchmarking

All of this data leads to better, more informed decision making. It provides an understanding of how efficient your recruitment is across different business areas, locations and roles. It helps you to resource plan more effectively, thanks to an understanding of how long specific roles take to hire into. It uncovers why certain roles are taking longer to fill so you can develop solutions. It gives you a clear view into your recruitment team’s performance, so you can see where they need support.

Ultimately, it’s a tool that enables you to take a more strategic, long-term approach to resource planning. And that client who needed our help? They’re already seeing great results after using the tool, with a better understanding of the challenges they’re facing, the ability to create more accurate resource plans and changing the way they work to be more effective, more efficient and more successful.

This interactive tool is designed with people in mind – the intuitive user experience can be adapted for different projects, different team members and different insight requirements. And it’s constantly improving, with weekly HR data updates, giving your team an up-to-date and bigger picture to work with.

To learn more about how our recruiter performance tool could help your organisation and see a live demo, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.