YWare - Unraveling youth market data


With 20 years of expertise in education and employer marketing – it was written in the stars. We united the two, to come at youth marketing in a whole new direction. And through this unique marriage, YWare was born – our (not so little) data baby.

In fact, unlike a baby, it’s pretty powerful and knows a lot. It’s an advanced insight tool that can answer the big questions in youth marketing like: Where are your future grads and apprentices? Where are they studying? And where do you need to be, to engage with them?

There’s a tonne of student data out there that can help answer these questions, but it’s a big web of knots and tangles – no one really knows how to use it.

YWare makes sense of it all. It draws together all that data on universities, schools, colleges, courses and so on, and then visualises it in a tailored map that will take your attraction to the next level. You’ll know exactly where to find the people you want. And the more targeted your activity is, the more effective it becomes – in turn saving time and money. You’ll also have a much clearer and bigger picture of the market around the world, so your work can reach further. Take a close look here.