Improving experience

Our work includes:


Brand definition and development

  • Brand positioning and articulation
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand activation and ambassadors
  • Guidelines and brand portal development
  • Brand measurement and tracking

 Culture definition and development

  • Culture and values articulation
  • Community management

Communications, content and creative

  • Communications planning and lead nurturing
  • Creative development
  • Web development

Who we've done it for


Solent University

Solent University were (and still are) a university on the up. They were rising up the league tables. Growing in reputation and stature. And investing in an even brighter future. They’d come a long way, and their existing brand was getting left behind. As a university that was pioneering new approaches to education, they wanted a look and feel that challenged the way people thought about them.

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Customer experience

We recognise how important it is to have positive experiences when deciding which university to study at.


Key experts


Jon Windeatt

Brand & Content Consultant

Jon’s is a passionate believer in the power that shaping and sharing stories has to play in driving organisational change.

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Vicky Green

Client Marketing Consultant

Vicky loves a problem. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the higher Vicky’s satisfaction levels are, when she solves it.

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Aimee Kleinman

Education Marketing Consultant

Aimee asks the difficult questions necessary to gain a true understanding of a challenge and agree achievable goals.

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