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What we do
Our tried and tested approach has been delivering successful results for our clients for over 20 years. Using a robust 6-stage framework to inform campaign strategy we focus on meeting your specific needs. Whether that’s engaging with a particular audience, meeting certain objectives, driving conversions, developing CRM strategies – or all of the above.

How we do it
We do everything in partnership with you. We take a personal approach and pay attention to every detail – using the data that is specific to your institution. We listen. We understand. And we always deliver. From initial briefing and research through to planning and strategy development, we pride ourselves on creating innovative, impactful, and effective campaigns that produce measurable results.

Who we’ve done it for

We’ve a long list of exciting projects and satisfied clients. Here are just a few of them.


UWE Bristol

SMRS has worked with University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) since 2014 and, with an annual student marketing spend of over £1million, we are heavily involved in helping them both to achieve their growth in numbers to hit key 2020 targets, and grow their reputation regionally and globally in key markets.

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Warwick Business School

Driving focused postgraduate recruitment, across 15 Business, Finance and Management programmes, targeting 20-to-26-year olds, in the USA, UAE, across Europe, and the UK is no small feat.

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Birmingham City University

The biggest marketing budget doesn’t always have the greatest impact. To create change, we need to understand who our audience is. And to do that, we needed to use the right balance of data analysis, innovative thinking and precision targeting.

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