Customer experience

What we do
From enhancing your customer experience to defining your institution’s culture, we draw on our experience to enable long-term, sustainable transformation. Looking at your processes, your communication strategies and your systems and we’ll identify and solve the problems that matter.

How we do it
Our approach to improving customer experience maps every aspect of the student journey from awareness through to completion. We highlight key ‘moments that matter’ that will help you to make actionable and impactful improvements to your student experience. Our offer includes:

  • Customer experience strategy
  • User journey mapping
  • Touchpoint optimisation
  • Communications
  • Student engagement

Who we’ve done it for


Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University wanted to make things better. Specifically, the University wanted to deliver a truly excellent experience to current and future students, from the moment they met them, through to being an engaged member of their alumni community.

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University of Wolverhampton

Understanding your audience is essential for any university. When the University of Wolverhampton contacted us, they wanted to better understand their students’ needs, and see exactly where and when in their learning journeys they could support them more effectively. It was time for a change. A change that would create a solid foundation in their knowledge of their audience and forge much closer links.

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