What we do
We specialise in developing audience understanding. In knowing who your prospective students are. Our insight will provide you with a clear set of personas based on behavioural, motivational and demographic factors.

How we do it
Using latent cluster analysis with your current student population, we are able to create data-led personas. These support the delivery of targeted, relevant and valuable comms to a pre-defined, accurately targeted and receptive audience.
Areas covered include:

  • Persona development (UG, PG, short course, MBA, etc.)
  • Golden questions and integration
  • Lead scoring
  • Integration of personas into broader marketing

Who we’ve done it for


Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University like to make their student recruitment marketing as personal as possible. However, they felt that they were lacking the insight to enable them to do this effectively.

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City, University of London

To create the perfect message for your audience, you need to know who you’re talking to. For City, University of London, they had a rough idea, but it needed to be refined. They were using the same message to cover all student groups, and that needed to change.

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