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How Healthy is Your Organisation?

Culture, or the way we do things around here is often considered the ‘soft’ side of business. However, there’s a wealth of research that shows culture is critical for influencing how an organisation operates day-to-day. It drives business performance, attraction, retention and, most critically, shapes the experience an organisation provides its people.

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Engagement and culture – is it really a chicken or egg dilemma?!

Does high engagement create a good organisational culture? Or is it a good culture that creates high engagement? Which comes first?

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A Culture that Connects

Hafsa Aziz, Culture Consultant, SMRS

The challenge currently for organisations debating the choices of on-site working, flexible working, hybrid working, or the jazzy Agile Working. The challenge is to allow for people to enjoy the flexibility that suits their personal needs while continuing to function as an organisation that works together…

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Employee Advocacy & Ambassadors: What’s the difference and why should you care?

Zach Hughes, Employer Brand Manager, SMRS

There’s always a lot of chatter within the employer branding space about creating employee ambassadors and doing more to provide a platform for people to talk openly about their employers and their experiences of work, but…

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SMRS & Student Minds

Jon Kirk, Lead Client Partner (Education), SMRS 

Discover the pressing concerns faced by today’s students as evidenced by recent research. Financial instability, mental health, and making friends are among the top worries for prospective university students. Learn how SMRS supports Student Minds, the UK’s mental health charity for students…

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What does the future online MBA look like? Reflections from GMAC’s Annual Conference

Tim Landucci, Business School Marketing consultant, SMRS

I was primarily at GMAC to deliver a session on the future of the online MBA. This is our latest syndicated research study looking at 18 global business schools, and I presented some of the initial findings. I was delighted to be joined by my colleague Aimee Kleinman, Jason Lawrence…

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How organisational culture is influenced by connections

Beyond the immediate corporate environment, corporate culture also significantly impacts wider society. The ethics and behaviours that are ingrained within a company’s culture often dictate how it interacts with its stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the broader community. 

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Ambassadors for your Employer Branding

No one knows more about what it’s like to work at your organisation than your people. Empower your colleagues to share their voices. Ready to unlock your organisation’s untapped potential? Reach out to us today and discover how we can help you take your social advocacy to the next level!


Shaping the Future Online MBA

Tim Landucci, Business School Marketing Consultant, SMRS

The online learning market has grown exponentially in recent years. Now very much established in the market, emerging trends are beginning to take hold of the global online learning landscape. AR and VR are being more widely integrated into online programmes to bring scenarios to life through simulations and virtual experiences. Gamification is starting to be used to not only enhance engagement with learning, but also to provide personalised experience and m-learning (mobile) is being optimised to improve the UX for students accessing online learning from mobile.

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