This is what employer branding should feel like


By Jon Windeatt

Employer brands are like buses. They’re big, they’re full of people, and they have a habit of not following the agreed timetable. Oh, and because if you wait long enough, three turn up at once. Well, that’s what’s happened in our London office, anyway.

We’re currently putting the final finishing touches to three employer brands. One for Kerry Foods, one for the National Audit Office, and one for Mencap. We’re proud of all three. And right now, we’d like to talk about Mencap.

Of course, every employer brand is different. But Mencap’s felt unique, right from the start. From our first meeting to our last focus group, we found some lovely stuff. Like values people knew off by heart, and wore on their sleeves. Stories that made us laugh and cry. A sense of purpose that meant that everything there meant more. And people who loved what they did, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Our challenge? To cram all of this into an employer brand.

Our creative theme, ‘Work with feeling’ set the tone. To deliver it, we set out to capture everything that working at Mencap meant to their people. And when we say ‘everything’, we mean it. The highs and lows. The elation and exhaustion. The laughter and the determination. If it was part of Mencap, it was part of the employer brand.

The next step was to add in imagery that showed what Mencap is all about – their people and the people they support. And then we found ways to make it work online, in print, on video and pretty much anywhere we could think of.

The result is a people-focused employer brand with a huge amount of heart – one that has the potential to make a real impression.

And we have a feeling it will.