The difference we create

We tackle the challenges that matter to employers, both in the UK and all around the world. And whether we’re exploring or innovating, planning or creating, we’ll move heaven and earth to help your organisation change for the better.

Here’s how we could create a measurable impact for you.


By bringing your culture to life

EVPs & Employer brands

We use the most effective research and measurement tools in the industry, along with sparkling creativity, to tell your unique story.


By telling your story beautifully

Creative copywriting, design & video

Through big ideas and beguiling words and visuals, we can express your culture and character in a way that your audiences just can’t ignore.


By giving your people a voice

Employer brand ambassadors

We can put the power to tell your story in the hands of your people – helping them share it with authenticity, credibility and passion.


By unlocking the power of networks

Referral programmes

We can help you plan, develop and deliver a referral programme that finds more of the kind of people who make you tick.


By bringing your people together

Cultural change

We can help you shape and communicate a culture that unites, inspires and empowers your people to make the kind of change you want to see.


By digging further as well as deeper

Audience, market & competitor insight

We look further, dig deeper and experiment more – using our cutting-edge tools and enquiring minds to give you the competitive edge.


By measuring what matters

Employer brand metrics

Whether it’s hard metrics or softer sentiment, our Brand Metrics platform can equip you to make big decisions about your employer brand.


By delivering cross-channel results

Channel planning, buying & management

We’ll understand your media and make it work harder – developing cross-channel strategies that target and reach the people you want.


By reaching exactly who you need

Targeted attraction campaigns

From research and creative development through to faultless delivery, we can reach the people you want, wherever they are in the world.


By including everyone

Diversity & Inclusion

We can diversify your workforce and help you become a place where absolutely everyone can contribute, develop and belong.


By making you shine online

Content and social media

From intelligent social strategies to engrossing, attention-grabbing content, we’ll help you deliver a consistent, authentic and compelling message online.


By giving you a site worth seeing

Careers site development

Keeping your candidates’ needs at the heart of things, we can make your online home more engaging, more effective, and easier to use.


By putting you in the picture

Tracking and reporting

Our unrivalled reporting can help you see exactly how all of your media’s working – and where it could be delivering even more.

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What we’re up to

Insights. Opinions. Bright ideas and beautiful work. We find and create new things all the time, and we’re happy to share.

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Engagement and culture – is it really a chicken or egg dilemma?!

Does high engagement create a good organisational culture? Or is it a good culture that creates high engagement? Which comes first?

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A Culture that Connects

Hafsa Aziz, Culture Consultant, SMRS

The challenge currently for organisations debating the choices of on-site working, flexible working, hybrid working, or the jazzy Agile Working. The challenge is to allow for people to enjoy the flexibility that suits their personal needs while continuing to function as an organisation that works together…

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Employee Advocacy & Ambassadors: What’s the difference and why should you care?

Zach Hughes, Employer Brand Manager, SMRS

There’s always a lot of chatter within the employer branding space about creating employee ambassadors and doing more to provide a platform for people to talk openly about their employers and their experiences of work, but…

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Ambassadors for your Employer Branding

No one knows more about what it’s like to work at your organisation than your people. Empower your colleagues to share their voices. Ready to unlock your organisation’s untapped potential? Reach out to us today and discover how we can help you take your social advocacy to the next level!


Returning to work (again)

So, how are industries doing as we, once again, emerge from the cocoon after another round of office-closures?

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CLIENT WORK: Auto Trader - Dynamic Working

Like almost all of us, Auto Trader have been designing a new way to work that brings the very best out of their people. With a stunning new campus and a big focus on collaboration, they wanted to encourage people back ‘into the office’ – but with the flexibility for them to work how they work best. They called it ‘Connected Working’.



Firm awards

8th June, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the #FirmAwards2023 with five different entries.

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IHR Birmingham live

2nd March, 2023

In this ultimate learning & development day, in-house recruiters will be able to witness unique case-study presentations, as well as benefit from our roundtable discussions with industry peers.

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IHR Employer Branding Conference

13th July, 2023

In this ultimate learning & development day, in-house recruiters will be able to witness unique case-study presentations, as well as benefit from our roundtable discussions with industry peers.

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World employer branding day

18-20 October, 2023

World Employer Branding Day is the world’s largest gathering of leaders in employer branding. Founded in 2015 with a vision to advance excellence in employer branding practice, the event connects companies from around the world with the industry’s top employer branding leaders, agencies and communities in a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels.

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Our experts

Knowledgeable and not happy until they’ve made a difference, our people make us who we are. They’re great to work with, too.


Dan Kevin

Brand & Content Strategist

Loves creating impactful ideas that tell stories, push boundaries and make an emotional connection.


Sarah Sturgess

Agency Director

Loves every aspect of employer branding and culture, and never stops looking for new and better ways to make a difference.

Jon Windeatt

Lead Creative Partner

Loves uncovering the story at the heart of a business, and finding the perfect way to shape and tell it.


Jayne Hughes

Lead Client Partner

Loves getting under the skin of what our clients need, and bringing together the right mix of experts to deliver the best solution.


James Coyle

Client Partner

Loves the variety of challenges our clients come to us with, and the impact that a creative, data-led solution can make.


Charlotte Peacock

Lead Client Partner

Loves working across such a varied account base and tackling all sorts of challenges, especially at a global scale with our international clients. From…

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