SMRS & Student Minds


Jon Kirk, Lead Client Partner (Education), SMRS


As we enter another Clearing period and following that new cohorts of undergraduates starting at our universities, it’s pertinent that much recent evidence suggests that students need more support than ever. The SMRS and CASE UMF Undergraduate Future Student Research highlighted the affordability of going to university as prospective students’ greatest concern. Approaching half of the applicants surveyed (43%) stated that financial instability/money concerns might make them change their mind about going to university this year.

Whereas for students on The Student Room in May, almost 40% highlighted ‘making friends’ as their biggest concern for when they start university in September.

The UMF Research also highlighted that mental health remains an important concern for applicants, even though many feel improvements have been made in this area compared to previous years. However, those from minority ethnic backgrounds and those who identify as male are less likely to agree that mental health support has improved.

The research also highlighted that applicants expect universities to play an active role in alleviating their worries and easing the transition into university life.

SMRS has been supporting Student Minds – The UK’s mental health charity for students – since 2020 when we helped them to promote their website resource for students with worries about their mental health. We’ve continued to partner with them since then by delivering pro bono media planning and buying and creative services. Our whole team is proud to work with such an important organisation and in the coming weeks, we will be launching an exciting new collaboration between Student Minds, Student Pulse and SMRS.

Many universities could do more in promoting this charity that is so vital in supporting many of their students. provides information and advice to help students through the challenges of student life, help finding support at their university and access to dedicated support services. So, it’s a resource that not only students but universities can also lean on.

Support could come in the form of simply highlighting Student Minds’ services to their students. Or by working with Student Minds towards achieving University Mental Health Charter status – highlighting good practice in promoting mental health and wellbeing at university.

Contact me if you’d like me to put you in touch with the wonderful team at Student Minds –