Boost student experience and wellbeing with StudentPulse


Maximising student experience and wellbeing is a core priority across the Higher Education sector. And the reasons why are clear; greater levels of wellbeing and satisfaction contribute towards improved recruitment and retention rates, reduction in lost tuition fee income, improved continuation rates and improved brand perceptions. 

These are all critical to the sustainability and success of institutions. But more importantly, by understanding the experience of applicants and students, providers can better support those who are most in need.  

We are offering providers a revolutionary way to measure and understand student experiences to enhance sentiment, perceptions and conversion rates. While also helping prospective and current students in their moment of need by working with Student Minds (the UK’s student mental health charity) to provide resources, tools, and support to overcome challenges. 

StudentPulse enables you to:


Engage students at every part of their journey

With automated check-ins, you can measure key moments across the applicant and student journey to understand satisfaction and wellbeing. 


Provide instant help and support

Based on students’ responses at each check-in, StudentPulse identifies and supports students with appropriate content from Student Minds or your own internal support services – instantly and automatically. 

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Identify challenges and act

With continuous data streams, SMRS works with your institutional stakeholders to identify focus areas and student-driven improvement initiatives. Supported by real-time dashboards highlighting low- and high-scoring student segments and AI verification to focus on the most important student inputs. 

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