A very urgent delivery for Yodel - from employer brand to shiny new site


By Gemma Wildgoose

Six years and counting. That’s how long we’ve been an integral link in the millions-of-parcels-a-year Yodel delivery network. From strategy to digital to creative to insight to delivery, our experts have been helping to oil the thousands of wheels it takes to recruit around 6,000 hires a year. In fact, since we started working together, Yodel’s application-to-hire ratio has increased and the cost per hire has decreased. Every single year. Over the last 12 months alone, the former went up by 17.5% and the latter plummeted by 55.72%.

As the vast majority of Yodel’s opportunities are for drivers, that in itself has some big challenges:

  • Diverse audiences
    Employed, self-employed, ex-military, vastly under-represented female HGV Drivers – there are a lot of different factors, and dare we say it, drivers, that motivate each audience.
  • Gig economy
    Drivers can be self-employed or employed, which makes promoting opportunities equally a legal minefield.
  • Huge competition
    Yodel have to compete nationwide with some big names in distribution. We give them a uniquely compelling voice in a crowded market.

A chatbot that speaks everyone’s language

Combining our expertise, vast client knowledge and insight into Yodel’s audiences, in recent times, we’ve also developed:

  • An employee value proposition
  • New employer brand
  • Easy-to-use careers site
  • Toolkit of assets Yodel can pick and choose from
  • Engaging image bank and video content.

Not to mention partnering on creating a screening chatbot, which has taken the business to new places in terms of their recruitment process.

In its first year, Yodel’s new chatbot had 73,732 screenings with a fantastic 97% positive user experience rating. And, if you consider that each chatbot screening takes 15 minutes on average, Yodel saved over 491 working days in applicant screening time in just 12 months. That’s the equivalent of 401 people making successful calls back-to-back for 7.5 hours a day, all year.

At SMRS, we all take genuine pride in being able to deliver for Yodel (who, let’s face it, are delivery experts). Because we really care about our work. And we love a challenge, especially when the outcome is already doing great things for our client.