Strategic social landscaping


Making social media work for Deloitte

A challenge to represent, and be represented

Accounting giant and the largest professional services network in the world, Deloitte doesn’t struggle with brand awareness.

Yet despite their reputation, they didn’t feel that they were truly maximising their social channels to best effect.

The obstacles

There were several hurdles to overcome:

  • Poor levels of engagement
  • Low number of applications via social platforms
  • A struggle to reach certain audiences, with the female and BAME audiences proving particularly tricky

While the name ‘Deloitte’ might initially conjure up visions of accountants poring over figures, it is in fact a hugely diverse workplace, with a variety of different job roles.

Our challenge was to utilise social media to convey the broad spectrum of opportunities available with Deloitte, in a way that resonated with a more diverse audience.

We mapped out the landscape

In order to create an effective strategy, we needed to take a step back and examine the big picture – identifying exactly where Deloitte belonged in the social landscape.

Our research lead to fresh insights about the target audience, and what really interested them.

We also implemented an advanced listening tool to monitor Deloitte’s competitors and get to grips with what was trending in the industry. We used this audience and competitor insight to create a bespoke Strategy Content Framework, allowing us to systematically align content to both what the audience was interested in, and Deloitte’s own business goals.

And got all hands on deck

Cross-team collaboration was key to our success. We work closely with Deloitte’s content team on monthly ideation sessions, planning content and developing creative assets in advance.

And to ensure efficient day to day publishing and community management we’ve implemented the social content management system, Falcon, which enables ongoing collaboration, contribution from both SMRS and Deloitte, as well as in-platform approval of content.

Delivering impressive results

We’ve seen a tremendous impact on engagement with the brand as a whole.

Social followers increased by 1.7% to a healthy 41,400 on Facebook and by 64% to 1,150 on Instagram.

Activity delivered through social channels achieved 85 direct applications to their graduate and apprentice schemes and our end to end SMRS Reporting showed that it assisted many more conversions, as it featured as a media source earlier in the candidate journey.

We saw an impressive 10,000 cross-channel engagements overall, and, most importantly, we’ve brought Deloitte’s social channels to life with new purpose, and a more streamlined, yet far-reaching appeal.

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