Job family taxonomy


Redefining Deloitte's business areas

We support Deloitte in their candidate attraction requirements for experienced hires and student recruitment. One of the projects which we undertook in 2018 was to restructure the way in which they attract into their highly complex business.

For a number of years, they had felt that their literature and careers site structured their roles in a way which was understood within their business, but confusing to the outside population of job seekers.

The result was that some business areas and roles were missing out on candidates and applications were low, whereas some of the more common roles were inundated with applications. Upon screening candidates, it was clear that many had the skills for the roles which had few applications yet weren’t applying.

The process we undertook was to conduct desk research into how 5 key competitors explained their roles in their recruitment literature and on their careers site to find the commonly used business areas and job titles.

We also user tested how people were interacting with Deloitte’s literature and careers events and on their careers site via Google Analytics research, in order to build a clearer picture of current user journeys and to define a new approach.

The outcome was a new structure of job families and roles for all literature and the careers site. Some of the business areas which were poorly represented historically, were now given more attention in terms of content on the careers site, social media and printed literature for recruitment.

We now attract into the job families and where needed we give specific job content additional promotion which has successfully addressed the issue to the point that we are also now able to focus on other areas of concern such as diversity and location challenges through these communications.

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