We have a lift off


Helping easyJet raise their game with a new careers website

Fasten your seatbelts

easyJet is a dynamic, visionary business that’s always on the move. Always changing, always adapting and always looking to the future.

This constant push for progress is clear to see from their continuous growth as a business to the Amy Johnson Initiative that wants to bring in more female pilots into the industry.

Unsurprisingly, this drive means that their demands can change rapidly, so it’s important that everyone (and everything) keeps up, including their careers website.

Flying the brand colours

easyJet’s famous Orange Spirit is all about being passionate, quirky and innovative.

If we want to attract people who embody these characteristics, we need a website that isn’t afraid to do something different, have a little fun and show some flair.

Their existing website didn’t quite hit the heights we felt it needed to anymore. So, what began as a refresh quickly turned into an exciting, collaborative journey that led to a more contemporary, cleaner and simpler website that truly reflected the brand and the people that work there.

Welcome aboard

Taking a lead from easyJet’s impressive in-flight experience, we were keen to ensure that users felt comfortable throughout their journey across the website.

Personalisation plays a big part in this. From the moment they land on the website, we greet them and make an effort to get to know them better. We ask their name, what careers they’re interested in and tailor the website to suit their needs.

The user can see this immediately, as an eye-catching arrivals board springs into life encouraging them to start their journey with us.

This is supported with bespoke copy that guides them towards their area of interest, e.g. Pilot, Cabin Crew, Engineering etc.

Service with a smile

We created a user experience people would enjoy with content refreshingly easy to find and each section as intuitive as possible for every visitor.

Jobs suggested are relevant to the viewer and applying is quick and easy with a streamlined application process.

We focused on helping people find engaging content when and where they need it from up to the minute news (made possible by a dynamic content hub) to our fun ‘Try before you fly’ quiz, which allows users to answer a few questions and see how suitable they are for a role on the crew.

Overcoming the language barrier

With a project like this it’s important to recognise that easyJet is not simply an English company. They’re an international business with an international audience. With this in mind we needed to create a website that could speak to candidates in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands and Italy with the same surety that we speak to candidates in the UK.

Fortunately at SMRS we’re fluent in user experience, so we devised a way to include bespoke messaging for each target territory. Content that understood the nuances of each language and would really speak to each audience.

Enjoy the view

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you need to give them visually striking content. The imagery and video content we’ve used across the website delivers all this and more.

The people photography provides a window into the culture of easyJet. The people are real. The actions aren’t staged. They’re an authentic representation of the comradery and team spirit that sits at the heart of a career with easyJet.

Video is king online these days. If you want to move people, you need moving imagery. The Orange Spirit essence video takes centre stage and is supported by segmented videos that show off what each area of the business has to offer.

It’s amazing how much of an impact seeing real people, living and breathing the values of the business can have.

We have reached our destination

When we set off on this journey, we had an idea of where we wanted the new website to take us. Looking at the results we’ve arrived in style. And ahead of schedule.

Comparing the new career site with the old careers site during the same time period one year on we found:

  • Bounce-rate has reduced from an already low 24.25% to 21.52%. Candidates are clearly finding the content more useful, relevant and engaging.
  • Average session duration has increased by a huge 31.65%. Candidates are spending more time consuming our content.
  • Pages visited per session have also increased by an average of 11.63%. Visitors are finding their way around the site more easily.
  • 1 in 4 candidates visiting the site now start an application. 50,000 apply clicks from 195,000 sessions. Impressive.