How do you create a world out of nothing?


Creating a recruitment website for Kerry Foods

There was nothing wrong with Kerry Foods’ recruitment site…

…because it didn’t exist. Which was a problem, because they had an incredible story to tell. They have grown from a farmer’s collective to a global business in just forty years. They have household brands, eaten by 60m every day. And they have values that are lived and breathed to an extent we’d never seen before.

The one thing they didn’t have was an online presence of their own. We set out to change this.

Kerry Foods didn’t want just any old site

They wanted one that:

  • Captured the magic of their story and their character
  • Reflected the business’s passion for food and their household brands
  • Brought their values to life – allowing people to connect with their personality and judge their fit
  • Showcased their people and their stories
  • Explained the full range of their business, without overwhelming with content
  • Clearly and consistently expressed their employer brand
  • Positioned them as an employer of choice for grads and experienced hires

We kept things on (employer) brand

The site had to reflect the business’s character that we’d captured in our “Altogether Individual” EVP – showing the values and the brilliant people who bring them to life every day. We made sure it did, by further developing the distinctive visual style we’d come up with.

We made a very tempting website

Kerry Foods love food, so the site needed to scream ‘food’ at the top of its voice. We found plenty of inventive and interesting ways to get food centre stage

We made it a moving experience

Kerry Foods moves quickly, so their site couldn’t stand still. We took every opportunity to introduce interaction and movement. We put animated banners at the top of each main section, and all the way through we kept things interesting and varied by using clever things like:

  • Rollovers
  • Interactive maps
  • Carousels
  • Lightbox functionality.

We packed a lot in

From brands and business areas to values and personal stories, we had a lot to get in. We kept the user experience smooth – using interactive widgets to get it across without sending our readers all over the place.

We also added a CMS in the news section, to let their team keep things fresh. Because with a business as big and rapid as Kerry Foods, there’s always something new to talk about.

And we told our story in all kinds of ways

Words alone were not going to get everything across. So we created and put in loads of rich content – from nice pictures to people videos. And we gave the Kerry Foods’ team all the assets they needed to launch things properly on social platforms and their own ATS.