How do you make a brand mean more?


Creating an employer brand for Turning Point

We were asked to capture an ethos

Turning Point supports people with complex needs, substance misuse issues, learning disabilities, and mental health problems. They change the daily lives of the people they support, and revolutionsie national healthcare with new legislations and laws. Behind it all is a shared belief that where there’s a will, there’s a way. They find a way to possible. Our challenge was to capture all of this in an employer brand that showed the passion, care and dedication that goes into everything Turning Point does. This wasn’t something we wanted to do alone.

We started by unwrapping the market

We launched a fully-integrated research project, using all kinds of data to work out the personality types we were looking for. It turned out we actually had two audiences to target – 25 to 40 year olds for Couriers, and 35 to 55 year olds for the Owner Drivers. So we worked out exactly what kind of person with these two groups we wanted, and how the best ways to reach them were.

So we got everyone involved

Engaging staff in the development of an employer brand isn’t new. But we went further, and got service users involved too. For two days, we gave Turning Point our time, our Manchester office and our art materials – all for free. Then, we invited eight peer mentors and three groups of service users to create collages and art pieces about what Turning Point meant to them. Their work was awe-inspiring to say the least. Rich with symbolism and meaning, the finished artworks told a thousand words and more. They also gave us everything we needed to develop a unique employer brand, a career site and a video.

The artwork certainly inspired

The hard work of Turning Point’s service users has helped us make a real impression. We’ve seen some great results.

With this project, the feedback was every bit as important as the numbers. And this was brilliant too. The service users loved being part of the brand’s future, and their caregivers, like us, found the whole experience an inspiration.

  • 17,821 visits to the careers site during the two-month period after launch
  • 2,000 – an average time the video was played per month since launch