ICAEW can count on us to make a difference


By Adam Moore, ICAEW

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

From the moment we met SMRS, we were impressed. What set them apart during the pitch process was just how much they ‘got us’ as a business.

We love how they push boundaries and encourage us to think differently. They understand the challenges of getting buy-in from internal stakeholders and provide the support we need to make decisions based on audience insight. Giving us ideas with a solid foundation helps us overcome any uncertainty and deliver campaigns that stand out, whilst staying true to our brand and core values.

Making an impact

The main project we have worked on together has been the 2018/19 student attraction marketing campaign. A project that reached out to school-leavers, university students and influencers, including teachers, careers advisers and parents.

This work has caught the attention of the business for all the right reasons. Even before we see the research findings, we can tell that this campaign has had a positive impact both internally and externally. I am really looking forward to looking at the results and seeing how well the new creative and messaging has performed.

We have received positive feedback from our team, recruiters, authorised employers and even our members. A real achievement for such a different campaign. Teachers and careers advisers at schools and universities have also voiced their approval.

Repositioning ourselves

Our team are very pleased with the way the campaign portrays us in a completely different light and positions us as a forward-thinking organisation. Schools, universities, potential students and authorised employers have all been very complimentary about how the creative and campaign messages set us apart from our competitors.

Going global

The campaign theme is being used all around the world in China, Dubai, Cyprus, Greece, Malaysia and Vietnam. This is a real breakthrough that shows the versatility of the campaign. We have even used it as an example of best practice in our company-wide brand guidelines.

More to come

I hope to build on the 2018/19 campaign with tweaks and improvements to the creative and the core messages. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into a website project with them and exploring more digital channels that will help us maximise engagement with our core audiences.