It feels like family


By Nisha Patel, Yodel

My journey with SMRS started just over two years ago

It was challenging and exciting right from the start. I needed help to create a HGV driver attraction strategy for our transport hubs. A notoriously tricky role to recruit at the best of times. SMRS were quick to help me with and together we identified where potential candidates were and weren’t looking for jobs and targeted them with relevant messaging. It worked a treat. And, my confidence in the SMRS team began to grow.

We’ve come a long way together

Since then we’ve done so much. We have successfully worked together on two successful seasonal recruitment attraction campaigns, where the team and I are under pressure to recruit circa 3000 drivers in a 3 month period for our Operations teams. But what’s great is that SMRS share the load with us. They feel like a real extension of the Yodel resourcing team. They’re always there at the end of the phone to help, listen and advise. They take feedback really well and I genuinely feel that we’re ‘in it together’.

It can sometimes be a bumpy ride

I’ll be honest, like any relationship, it’s not always smooth going. But it’s always honest, challenging and mutually respectful. I know I can ask the SMRS team anything and they’ll never judge me – they’ll just help. Even when I asked them to cost a blimp, they delivered. And that’s the thing. They’re very consultative. There’s lots of trust. And they make our budgets work for us. SMRS will take the seed of an idea and add extra value to it. They always offer their knowledge and experience of what will work and what won’t to suggest the best solutions for Yodel.


My proudest moment was the creation and delivery of our employer brand and careers-site. To see it all come together and be part of this journey was amazing. Building a market-leading careers-site in 3-months is no mean feat. It was difficult. It involved a lot of work. But, SMRS made it feel easy. We’re now reviewing our application process for our candidates as we’re always looking for ways to enhance our candidate experience and SMRS are part of these conversations. We’ve had such fantastic feedback about our employer brand too.

Lots more still to come

I think of SMRS as my creative brothers and sisters. I feel I matter to them. That what we do together matters. And that means a lot. I mean, what client doesn’t want to feel important? In the future, I hope this really strong partnership continues. We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for SMRS supporting us every step of the way. So, I hope we continue to be really creative with our campaigns and make more things together that we can be super proud of.