Our employer brand's bigger than your employer brand


By Gemma Wildgoose

They say size doesn’t matter. But when it came to developing an employer brand for one of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts, we had to disagree.

We weren’t selling careers in care. At least, not primarily. A good chunk of our audience worked in healthcare already. Instead, we needed to focus on promoting London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust specifically. And with several other Trusts in London alone competing for the same talent pool, our employer brand needed to stand them head and scapula above the rest.

As with any strong employer brand, it started with research. We had burning questions to answer. Why did people join? And stay? What sets this Trust apart? And perhaps biggest of all, how does it feel to be part of it?

One message came through loud and clear. Which makes sense, given the sheer size and passion of people here. And that was, well, the size and passion. On a super scale. We’re talking a massive stage to run with ideas, lots of experts to learn from, several locations, a groaning shelf of awards, chances to refine your skills across different services, and more scope to help people. And, this was true for those who weren’t in frontline care roles too. Everyone we spoke to approached every challenge wholeheartedly… and challenges there are. With a Trust this big, it goes with the territory. But rather than shy away, the team here work together to embrace them.

When it came to look and feel, we wanted to keep things real. Which meant no stockshots. And, no forced smiles or vague sentiments either. The people who featured in the work were all part of the 9,000-strong Trust team. When it came to headlines, the huge numbers spoke for themselves. All tied together with a warmth that’s hard to match too. It’s an employer brand with heart. See for yourself here.