Privacy is good. Smart works


At SMRS, we like to put the customer first.

We’re fascinated by them; what they’re doing; what they’re thinking; what they’re feeling. We’re all dedicated to making the choices they face about work and learning fair and equal.

It’s our Purpose.

And, it’s this customer obsession that clients’ value. It gives us a clear perspective on their brand and marketing investment. A perspective that’s informed by the millions and millions of brand and marketing customer interactions – value exchanges – we pour over together. It’s why our measurement, accountability and attribution reporting ecosystem is class leading.

So, as changes to global and regional data regulation continue to protect the customer’s right to privacy, we say it’s a good thing. These changes also promote brand transparency and scrutiny, and that’s a good thing too. It’s good that our clients’ reputations are fragile, and in the hands of their customers.

We must care about each moment clients and customers spend time together, and we do.

We also understand that regulatory change (whether from legislation or choice – or boycott) creates uncertainty for our clients. And, we are here to support all of them as they navigate these changes, at the same time strengthening their strategies and plans, so they are less impacted by external forces such as these.

And, we would like to talk to you too about the opportunity this change presents you. To help understand why it would be a valuable conversation, here are our data principles.

Privacy is good for everyone

Privacy is explicitly good for the customer – who’s privacy needs to be protected. It’s also implicitly good for the client – who have the chance to become more imaginative, and a little less repetitive in their approach to targeting and retargeting and retargeting… it has worked efficiently, but in the wrong hands, it’s often rather joyless.

– So, when planning, we are customer first.

– Access to their time and space is a privilege.

– At all times, we do what’s right.

Smart works better every time

As we protect what’s right for the customer, we can continue to integrate the smart and creative talent we have all across our agency community.

– Data is a means – let’s talk about all the ways in which we add value with it, within a framework that values privacy and attention is earned not exploited.

– Context is critical – we understand our customers; we empathise with them and support their aspirations and expectations.

– Creativity needs imagination – you’re not hard to miss when there’s a pixelated target permanently on your back, so we will bring each customer into a relationship with our clients with imagination and flair and confidence!

We’re going to have some great choices to make when it comes to what you want to say.