Sharing the news about Future First's new platform


We believe in changing futures for the better. As everyone’s career journey starts in school, every child should be set up for success – no matter how much help they need. But sadly, we’re still seeing a divide in the social mobility crisis. Children are losing out on important chances because they don’t have the same access to support as their peers.

Future First are levelling the playing field and helping students thrive. They’ve spent the past decade working with state schools to build and mobilise communities of former students, and developed a platform to connect students with role models and alumni. It was revamped and relaunched in autumn 2021. So, to get the message out there, they needed to update their value proposition and create a messaging framework to support future campaigns.

Fresh names and visual identities

The platform has a four-tiered membership system. As the Future First brand name was already well known, we built on that recognition with names and logos for each one:

  • Future First Free
  • Future First Lite
  • Future First Pro
  • Future First Tech

The main audiences were headteachers and admin teams in UK schools. From there, we segmented the audience into two categories – previous and new clients. Previous clients would be familiar with the product as it used to be, so it was important that we shared how it had changed and what that meant for them through an infographic and PDF booklet.

We also needed to get across the unique value of each membership tier. We designed a new webpage that opened with their value proposition, highlighted the differences, and showcased why the platform was perfect for their school.

Tailoring a messaging framework

Then came an extensive messaging framework. With so many audience segments, a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work. We needed tailored messaging that would attract and intrigue each of our target audiences. From previous clients, to brand new, from wider stakeholders to heads of department, we created a suite of messaging to attract potential clients in an engaging and informative way.

We also drafted a suite of template emails to be sent out to employers, as well as schools. Building these relationships was really important, as organisations have as much to benefit from the partnership as Future First. With students bringing fresh thinking and bright ideas, organisations can use Future First to find new apprentices and improve their pipeline. Most importantly though, it gives students the chance to learn from industry professionals, discover unexpected role models and find mentors to guide them through their careers.

Work that matters to the world

Our work with Future First was exciting, and something that we believe matters to the world around us. We’re dedicated to changing futures for the better, and working with people like Future First means we create an impact that we’re really proud of.

Find out more about how your organisation can engage with schools through Future First, or get in touch to find out how we can support your journey.