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See your world more clearly with our unique student market insights

Where? Who? How? Three little words. But answered accurately, they make a huge impact. When it comes to engaging with students and the youth market, it’s easy to lose money, energy, and brand reputation. That’s what makes Student Market Insights invaluable. Our insights bring your entire market into the clearest possible focus. Drawing robust data from a wide variety of sources, we can tell you:

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Who to target your messaging at

Our insights can tell you the hopes, dreams, ethnicity, gender, age, education status, and socio-economic background of the people you need – and much more. It can paint a picture of your target profile and identify untapped talent pools.

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Where they are exactly

We can show you where and what your audience are studying. We can tell you the volume and demographic composition of any university and degree subject. And we can even pinpoint where they’re spending time online too.

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How they'll be most receptive to hearing it

You need messaging that’s built on deep knowledge of what your audience needs and wants to know. We can lift that lid. It can also give an idea of the tone of voice and types of messages to use at each stage of their journey with you.

How we can help

Want to reach students studying a particular subject? Engage people from a set demographic? Or optimise targeting strategies in another way? Our insights will be your superpower – showing your market with refreshing clarity. From showing which schools and colleges can feed a pipeline of top candidates to your apprenticeships, to which UK universities are home to the most students from a specific region or country, it finds tiny needles in a global haystack.

  • Quick turnaround with the most up-to-date data (around 3-4 weeks).
  • Personalised report with insights and recommendations.
  • See which universities are helping organisations to attract the right talent.
  • Identify new target universities that could boost your talent pool.
  • Easily refine your target institutions list to increase diversity and quality.
  • Prioritise the right schools/colleges for early outreach activities.
  • Option for an instant access dashboard to drill down into all kinds of data variables 24/7.

How we work together

The process is simple – and works for clients across the globe. We’re happy to answer any questions along the way, but here’s what you might expect:

  • First, we talk to understand your key audiences and any challenges, and agree priority areas of focus.
  • Our experts then complete a full analysis of relevant data sets and conduct invaluable research.
  • With this deep insight, we create a detailed report and present back our findings and recommendations.

Who we've worked with

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